Windows to the World

In 1942, the first 12 VELUX roof windows were delivered for a school construction in Zealand.

Since then, VELUX has developed roof windows for buildings worldwide.

The VELUX Collection showcases a selection of innovations from the past 80 years. It’s also here you can become acquainted with the story of how the company has evolved from being a small startup to becoming a global business.

A travel through time

Life under the roof has experienced a tremendous development in the last 100 years, and the VELUX roof window has been a part of this evolution.

The roof window has transitioned from being a basic product that provides daylight and ventilation to a smart product that can also contribute to a healthy life under the roof.

Experience the development firsthand in our sensory time journey.

Do you know Villum?

Villum Kann Rasmussen founded his first company in 1941. Trained as an engineer, he had, through his previous work, gained knowledge in the construction of glass roofs, business operations, and innovation.

Throughout his life, he maintained a keen interest in exploring everyday life and attempting to improve anything he believed could be done better and more intelligently.

The VELUX roof window is today his most well-known achievement, but if it were up to Villum himself, the company could have produced more than just that – ranging from factory halls and garage doors to golf equipment and strawberry scooters!

From Østbirk to the World

In 1946, the first workshop for the production of roof windows was established in Østbirk.

Since then, new technologies have contributed to evolving the production and company into a modern workplace with activities worldwide.

Together with the other activities in Østbirk, the factory forms a hub for innovation in the global enterprise..

Billede af første produktionsbygning i Østbirk 1947