”We are daylight engineers”

That is how Villum Kann Rasmussen described his company back in 1945 - and that fundamental philosophy still shines bright today. The VELUX Group's overarching mission is to create healthy housing and a better indoor climate by bringing daylight and fresh air through the roof.

At the VELUX Collection, we tell the history of how a Danish entrepreneur had a brilliant idea and developed the VELUX roof window and a company that now has a global presence with factories and sales companies in more than 40 countries.

The exhibition is housed in a traditional three-winged farm from 1928. When Villum Kann Rasmussen established production of VELUX roof windows in Østbirk in 1946, the farm was his closest neighbour.

The VELUX Group took over the farm in 1976, and in 1981, Villum Kann Rasmussen opened the first collection at the farm, where employees, customers and business partners could gain an insight into the VELUX Group's culture, history and products. 

The farm and exhibition were given a comprehensive facelift in 2017-2018, and in September 2018, a brand new VELUX Collection opened its doors to anyone interested.

Contact info:

If you would like more details about the VELUX Collection or have questions about a visit, you are welcome to contact us at veluxvisitorcenter@velux.com

Billede af Villum Kann Rasmussen på kontoret
Billede af Velux active